JANE HAYDON MSc Physiotherapist MCSP HCPC Chichester, West Sussex Mobile: 07771 785 315 Email: janeehaydon@hotmail.co.uk
JANE HAYDON MSc Physiotherapist MCSP HCPC Chichester, West Sussex Mobile: 07771 785 315Email: janeehaydon@hotmail.co.uk

Jane Haydon qualified as a physiotherapist over 25 years ago, has a Master’s degree in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, a diploma in Academic and Practical Sports physiotherapy and has just completed a Diploma in Fascial Manipulation under the world renown fascial expert, Antonio Stecco and his team in Italy.

Her main goal is to reduce pain, improve muscle function and restore muscle coordination by treating areas of fascial stiffness which are the result of chronic overstrain, surgery or trauma and which usually link many different pains throughout the body.

“The new research into mobilising very specific fascial points is incredibly exciting with an ever increasing number of conditions able to be treated and with extremely good results”.

Physio for pre and post op, whiplash, acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder rehabilitation, biomechanics assessment, running injuries and ergonomic advice.



I have just returned triumphant from Italy having completed my Level 2 Diploma in Fascial Manipulation - Stecco Method.

  You can still find me and book fascial mainipulation treatments at The Boxgrove Clinic.



The Boxgrove, 

The Old Granary,

The Street,          

Boxgrove, Chichester,

PO18 0ES.


Phone Number: 01243 696630

Email: info@theboxgrove.com







The uniqueness of Fascial Manipulation® is that we look at the body as a whole, not just "where it hurts" or where the problems appear to be. Treating a symptom without addressing its root cause may leave the underlying problems undetected, which could allow a recurrence of the problem.

The reason for this is that the fascia forms an intricate network throughout the body with each area connected in some way to every other area. I want to find and treat the root cause of an ailment - not just the symptoms related to it. Your symptoms are merely your feedback systems way of letting you know something is wrong in a different part of your body - the abnormal (or unbalanced) pull or stress on the muscles, joints or nerves from "densified" fascia cause you to feel pain, limited movement or even altered sensations.

Treatment consists of deep tissue manipulation to create friction, heat and gliding of very specific and focused areas of the "stuck or densified" deep fascia. This helps to change the consistency of the chemical substances within the fascia that are responsible for its gliding characteristics from a sticky glue-like state to a fluid lubricating state thus restoring freedom of movement between the layers of fascia and releasing the free nerve endings (pain transmitting nerves) that were trapped within it.  Some of these points are located in the muscles themselves, others around the tendons, ligaments and joints, Treatment may be targeted at a single area of the body or it may be necessary to treat several areas in order to achieve balance within the system


Jane Haydon, Physio and fascial manipulator Chichester, West Sussex

Jane Haydon, Physio, Chichester, West Sussex

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